Some many clothes so little time!!!

Babies always receive so many clothes!!! Sometimes I feel he will out grow them before he even has a chance to wear them...

We will be posting all the cute outfits and clothes we have received for him right here on our site. We figure that  he has so many clothes that I can go for about a month and half without washing his clothes, with a few exceptions... Those are pajamas and maybe a few pairs of pants.

The first few outfits will be coming soon. But let's start today off with this fun Hawaiian themed outfit.





I will be including the brand of the clothing and the sizes, just to compare how child sizes range between brands. That is the shocking part.

Hawaiian top: Gap size 12-18 months ( it is just a little bit big for him, he is 17 months old in the picture above)

Jean shorts: Koala Baby size 12 months