Go Chargers!!

D went to his first Charger game recently. Although, it was a preseason game he had a lot of fun. The San Diego Chargers won against the Dallas Cowboys. We also celebrated Steve's 40th Birthday, it was a good time had by all.

After the game was over there was a tow truck helping a car near by, he was nice enough to let D play with the gears. I think that was his favorite part. 

So many Clothes Cont......

It's so hard to find cute boys clothes! That is why I have taken my time to find adorable (strip free) clothing for my little man. Luckily someone was given me brand new boys clothes that they forgot to put on their own children.  

Here is todays installment. 


Blue Shirt: From Mexico size 1

Jeans: Osh Kosh size 12 months

Shoes: Sonoma (Kohls brand)


You may be thinking my guy is a small 17 month old, but he isn't. He is a very lean guy, all these children's clothes vary so much in size it's incredible. 


Dapper Day 2014

You might be asking yourself.............. What is Dapper Day??

What is Dapper Day?

Started in February 2011, DAPPER DAY organizes fashionable gatherings held twice a year (spring and fall) at the Disney Resorts in LA, Orlando, and Paris (autumn event only). These “Dapper Day” events include a "DAPPER DAY at the Parks" with informal in-park meetups, and other happenings outside the parks such as our DAPPER DAY Styling Suite, And our DAPPER DAY Boutique (in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel) and our official after party FOLLY in Downtown Disney Anaheim.

DAPPER DAY Events celebrate the tradition of wanting to look one's best while out  in public, and embraces the great social interaction that results when every outfit welcomes a compliment.

Our events are neither a strict period recreation of the past nor a costume event (there are many other gatherings for that). Dapper Day Events are meant to showcase you at your best, and all manner of elegant attire is encouraged from vintage-inspired classics to chic contemporary looks. Active and retired military are encouraged to wear your dress blues if you like.

All this information above is directly from their website. 


Great!!! We got that covered. Here are our pictures below. 

Please enjoy and remember to stay Dapper and Dandy!!!