Our New Family Member

Guess What?!  The Tompkins added a new member to the family. She is two years old and is the sweetest thing ever. Her name is Candy, she is a German Shepherd mix and we rescued her from the Coastal German Shepherd  Rescue on June 16, 2009

On June 13th we were not intending to get a dog, we just wanted to see what was out there. We went to the local Pet Smart on adaption day and saw a very slick looking lap dog. This dogs name was Wyatt he was all black and acted like a very big dog even though he was very small. The only problem was that the dog wasn't really up for adoption, the volunteer did not want to part with it. So we walked inside and saw several German Shepherd in crates they all seemed to big for our home. But, as we walked around a volunteer recommend that we meet Candy. Everyone was saying Candy will be perfect she is so loving and so sweet, Candy is the dog for you.  We heard all this before we even go to meet her and then we saw her, Candy the dog.

She was perfect for us!!! That same day we took her home with us.  It has been wonderful having a dog in the family.

We Love our Candy!!

Candy Candy

Candy the Dog Candy the Dog

Cabo Vacation Fun in the Sun!!!!

Big Bear July 4th 2009